It is from here that the name of our project has come. Music and sound are one of the most inspiring tools of communication. We love music; music influences us immensely; modern music is one of the most distinct symbols of the symbiosis between art and technologies.

Music and sound

One of the functions the Melodyworld project represents is the function of music production. We are focused on production of modern music with an accent on the work’s timelessness. We do not want to follow blindly the latest trends, but we certainly do want to enrich the music with some of their interesting and characteristic elements, if they are worth the contribution – a contribution to music, above all. The real behemoths of contemporary world modern music clearly employed this principle and they still do. Also do they always place emphasis on the musical content and quality of performance which often happen to be the weaknesses of many of today’s "independent" productions, focused primarily
on trends that are currently "in".

The music production of the Melodyworld project is targeted predominantly at European Union’s markets.
This is why all compositions, if they have lyrics, have an English version as a minimum. One of our long-term goals is to discover at least a part of the large potential of Central European artists for listeners and consumers
in Western Europe.

The first product of this effort is the pilot album by Jammy’s New Gig. The songs, built around texts of the London-based lyricist Ruth Joy Ben-Adir, are inspiring, passionate, as well as sensitive. This pilot repertoire was presented to the audiences of the MIDEM 2003 International Music Festival in Cannes.

Sound has a more immediate effect than a visual message. Neglecting, or underestimating the role of sound
in communication can curtail it remarkably. This should always be remembered…