Modern interactive media, digital communication technologies, unification, and the virtually incessant onset of new technological standards have brought about an astonishing range of possibilities to stimulate human thought and perception. In Melodyworld we believe that an area so unique has come into being that it is worth pursuing it as a wholly separate discipline. We are fascinated with the psychological aspect of the symbiosis of art, technologies, and the human capacity to communicate. In this era of the turn of the millennium, the world is distinctly transforming under these influences, and we are convinced that it is impossible to deploy fully the synergy between the individual communication tools without being methodically devoted to them, developing them and following thoroughly indeed all development trends and modes of their interaction in the individual areas.

The Concept

We therefore offer not only the workforce to bring your specific, complete and detailed strategy to life, but also real consultancy to make the best conceptual use of all the opportunities of present communication, or – if you wish – devising a complete concept of work with interactive and audiovisual media, including the creation of the content itself.

We draw on the well-known fact that at the beginning of every understanding, realisation, decision or making of an opinion, there is emotion. Emotion that is primarily linked with certain experience. Instincts are another crucial factor. Should any of this be omitted

in any communication, their function must be substituted with a higher intensity of communication or focusing on uncomplicated, simplistic even, messages.

Linda Kunčická - Campaign for PepsiCo, Inc.

© Mark/BBDO

In their everyday work, many people abide by rules they picked up from professional literature or adopted from their colleagues. More of then than not do they forget, crushed by their tasks, to think in context, trying to use a wide array of pseudo-precepts and acquired stereotypes. One of the great myths is to say that verbal and visual continuity across all communication channels must be preserved at all cost. Another no less serious vice is to see the addressee of the communicated message through the optics of a generally defined target group based on age, social, or value specifications.

© Marian Kolev - Campaign for McDonald’s.

If, moreover, you let yourself be influenced by simplifying patterns like “The right advertisement will always say just the one thing”, no wonder you end up in a conceptual trap. And the result of your work is just another conformal marketing communication.

Melodyworld brings together professionals who are – as a result of their extensive experience and professional knowledge – capable of analytical look with a consumer’s eyes. By combining their emphatic approach of an artist with their strict behaviour of a professional, they are able to give their assignments a qualitative element that is unique throughout the Central Europe. Melodyworld is an alliance of several dozens of mature professionals from

a wide spectrum of areas, such as fine arts, multimedia, printing, music and film industries, software development, project management, journalism, and psychology. Our collaborators include pedagogues, economists, health care professionals, systems analysts, and marketing experts. This staff portfolio allows us to cover a much wider range of assignments than communication agencies or differently diversified institutions can tackle with. Unlike advertising and communication agencies we are not aimed at “owning” our collaborators, which gives us much more flexibility.

Another advantage that this way of cooperation brings is the ability to maintain long-lasting top quality of all services even if our clients stretch our workload to the maximum.

Unlike conventional communication agencies, our work is not based on separating functions, such as Client Service, Creative Department, Media Department, etc. In Melodyworld, clients can always be sure that the person they communicate with in terms of a specific assignment is truly competent to handle any situation that may arise. Contrary to common practice in many agencies, this person has full authority and necessary powers and is personally involved in successful accomplishment of the assignment.

There is one more important element which makes us different. The fully open approach we practise towards our colleagues is applied to our clients. We do not force them to enter long-term contracts. Cooperation with us develops on an assignment-to-assignment basis with regard to mutual satisfaction. We do not like non-transparent remuneration based on vague success indicators which are often focused on factors that have little to do with the services provided. We do prefer concrete reward for concrete services – readable and direct business relations.

Corporate identity for BeesWax Records

© Marian Kolev

KIKA Fashion

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Noworries Film Production

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